NFL 2017 Week 12 Analysis-Broncos vs Raiders

Denver has seven consecutive losses. Oakland still has Playoff expectations this season. This is our analysis of the Raiders vs. Broncos that ended in a 21-14 win for the Jack del Rio team.

Broncos vs Raiders Analysis

The game ended when:

Derek Carr completed a 54-yard pass to Cordarrelle Patterson before the two-minute break to keep the Raiders’ offensive series alive. Three plays after the game was over.

Analysis of the Broncos vs Raiders

1.- Crabtree vs Talib, part 2.

The match started with a fight between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib. These two players already had history before because the CB of the Broncos ripped the chain used by the player of the Raiders in 2016. In this game a blockade of Crabtree on Talib was what sparked a battle between more than 20 players. In the end they were expelled Crabtree, Talib and Gabe Jackson, which changed the panorama of the party from the first quarter.

2.- Paxton Lynch was not the answer

Paxton Lynch’s long-awaited debut this season with the Broncos was plenty. Lynch had 41 yards per pass and an interception before getting injured. Trevor Siemian entered the second half and there was an immediate change to the offense, so they scored 14 points in the fourth quarter and were about to tie the game. The Broncos have many questions to ask, especially knowing if Lynch is part of the future, although at this time he has not done much to prove that he can be the starting QB of the Broncos.

3.- The Raiders defense had a good day (for their standards)

They had to pass 11 games of the 2017 season so that the Raiders managed to intercept a pass, and the truth is that they were very lucky that a deviation sent by Lynch ended up in the hands of the defense. The Broncos had 218 yards of total offense, allowed five sacks and only 14 points. It was not a dominant performance but by Oakland standards it was a great day on the defensive.

4.- The failure called Vance Joseph

The work that Vance Joseph has done with this team leaves much to be desired. They have seven straight losses and generally look like one of the worst teams in the NFL. The offense does not work well, the defense goes into a tailspin and this team has serious discipline problems. The punishments are a constant. Could it be that we see the fourth head coach of the John Elway era? How responsible is the Broncos GM for the team’s current streak?

5.- The Raiders Playoffs possibilities are more alive than ever.

Yes, with a 5-6 record the Raiders have ample chances to win the AFC West. They are at a game of the Chiefs and have the advantage that they already won the first game between them. The most important thing is that the Raiders are healthy and although they have not played well this season.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Derek Carr – QB – Raiders

He had a great performance despite not having his best WR for most of the game. Carr completed 75% of his passes for 253 yards and two touchdowns, with a QB rating of 136.3 against a good defense.

Villano – Paxton Lynch – QB – Broncos

He did not know how to take advantage of his opportunity. In three quarters he had a null offensive contribution and looks more like a draft bust than the QB of the future of the Broncos.

Whats Next?


They host the Giants in Oakland. In theory they should not have a problem with a team that has only won two games this season, however those two games won against opponents of the AFC West.


They visit the Dolphins, a team with 4-7 and still do not know who will be their starting quarterback. If his rough patch is going to end, it can be against Miami.

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