Floor Plan of Your Retail Store

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 - Floor Plan

Floor Plan of Your Retail Store

Floor Plan of Your Retail Store

It’s important to set up a layout of your store to make your retail store revenue higher than before. By setting up a floor plan of your retail store, you can directly drive shoppers to the products they want. Moreover, by understanding your customer flow in your retail environment can also drive impulse sales. It aims to makes the space more organized and easy to navigate by the customers.

Simple Steps to Maximize Your Space of Your Store

It’s truly important to understand the general patterns of navigation in your retail store because it can optimize the customer experience while they’re visiting your store. Here are the simple steps to maximize the space of your retail store.

  1. TheBasic Floor

The customers commonly prefer to navigate thebasic floor of a retail store they just entered. Most of people usually don’t like to walk up to second floor by using elevators or escalators because it can be exhausted. So it’s better to planning for a single floor of your store to optimize the shopper experience.

  • The Customer Flow

Customer flow generally depends on the type of retailer, the size of the store, and the target customer. By identifying your customer flow, it can maximize your space for profitability. You can use a video recording toidentifying areas of opportunity, so you can understand the existing customer flow of your store.

  • Transition Zone

The next step is focusing on the entrance and transition zone. This space functions to be a transition spot for shoppers, so they can familiarize with your retail store environment. You can set some merchandise, prominent product, or brand information inside this zone. However, customers will take the time to adapt on a lightning, smells or visual on your retail store.

  • Clockwork Navigation

This area is just outside of the transition zone. It’s also an effective part you need to know because it can leverage a customer’s tendency so they want to walk around inyour retail environment. Customers consistently turn right after entering the store and continue to walk around the store in a counterclockwise direction.

Simple Layouts to Make Your Floor Plan of Your Retail Store BeMore Efficient

  1. Straight Floor Plan

This layout is one of the most economical store designs that most of people commonly used. It depends on the front entrance of your store, so it may not allow your customers to find the products they want to purchase or to see the variety of merchandise you have.

  • Diagonal Floor Plan

This layout is built for self-service types of retail store that offers an excellent visibility for cashiers and shoppers. The diagonal floor plan creates traffic flow to your retail store. It also offers the customer a more open traffic pattern and avoids them to feel trapped in a maze.

  • Angular Floor Plan

This layout is effective for high-end specialty stores. It creates the curves and angles shape on your fixtures and walls, so it gives a better traffic flow throughout your retail store. However, this model has the lowest amount of available display space, so it makes for a more expensive store design.

Most of retailers use a variety of retail floor plans to influence customer flow, so they can maximize the profitability. A well-planned floor plan of your retail storeis important because it encourages customers to consider making additional purchases while they navigating in your store.

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